Enterprise Cloud Backup

With the integration of the reliable cloud-to-cloud backup for Microsoft Office 365, the protection of your organization's data is effortless.
Acronis Backup Cloud is a powerful hybrid Cloud Backup solution for Service Providers that protects more than 20 platforms, at any time, faster than anyone else.
The Acronis Backup Cloud is easy to sell and accelerates the time to market by integrating with the Acronis Cloud of Disaster Recovery, the Cloud of Acronis and the use of other popular Cloud automation tools and private Cloud

Storage providers, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3
It is a flagship offering - the BDR Suite of products consists of a VM backup for VMware vsphere and hyper-v, a backup of the disc for Physical machines, Workstations.
The Backup of individual files and folders to physical servers and cloud files can be performed using Vembu Network and Online Backup respectively.

The company's backup for Windows includes convenient backup planning, different backup levels, and other useful tools
Bacula Enterprise Edition, as one of the best cloud backup solutions for the company, can be configured to make optimal use of such resources, making the most of the tools or configuration combined and adapted to the operating environment
Enterprise cloud-based backup solutions from Bacula Systems work with S3 and blue-based public and private clouds.
Infrastructure Cloud Backup is a direct-to-cloud business solution that protects servers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
Infrastructure Cloud Backup Solutions go beyond basic encryption, so you can move to the Cloud with confidence
Rubrik provides instant application availability for hybrid cloud companies for recovery, search, cloud, and development.
Acronis sets the standard for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection with no backup, no Cloud storage, disaster recovery, and secure file synchronization and sharing solutions.

Infrastructure: Scalable backup resources such as memory servers and server support Software: a custom-built Software for managing data backups between the client and the enterprise cloud backup facility.

Cloudberry Lab is integrated with the largest public Cloud Services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
Cloudberry's Backup is equipped with powerful and easy-to-use Backup and disaster recovery capabilities, including file-based backups and image-based backups, disaster recovery to virtual cloud machines, data compression and military encryption using customer-controlled keys.
Nakivo backups and Replication are designed to support the sphere and AWS EC2 on the spot, off-site or in the cloud.

Backup software provides protection for business data by copying data from servers, databases, desktops, laptops and other devices in the event of a user error, corrupted files or physical disasters that make a company's critical data inaccessible.
Veeam Software is a technology company that develops backup, disaster recovery and virtualization management Software for VMware and virtual environments.
The Availability Suite of Veeam combines the industry-leading Backup, restoring and Replication capabilities of the company's backups and Replication with advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning capabilities for Veeam ONE for sphere and Microsoft hyper-v.

Online backup is a special type of online storage service, but various products designed for file storage may not have features or features that others have designed for backup.
Hybrid Online Backup works by storing data to your local hard drive so that the Backup can be recorded at high speed, and then either the backup software or the d2c ( hard Disk to Cloud ) encrypts and transmits data to a service provider.
Users can also store files exclusively in the cloud for seamless access to any computer or mobile device
Backup software and cloud support for your cloud provider, backup your enterprise cloud and backup solutions

Cloudberry's Backup provides cloud Backup and restores capabilities for Microsoft SQL Server databases, allowing you to perform a complete, differential or transaction log Backup
SolarWinds MSP is the leading backup solution for the enterprise cloud, with backup,
Idrive is a hybrid cloud backup service with an internet file, file syncing and file sharing.
Egnyte is a professional cloud storage, file sharing and collaboration platform with many business-focused features.
Apple computers and devices are equipped with multiple options for personal backup, but for companies that mainly use Mac, backbone functions admin tools to manage and protect your business data .8
The second backbone option is the B2 Cloud Storage, which is the general Cloud Storage you can use for not only backup but also hosting and Storage.

Bandwidth, latency, and security are only a few areas to assess the performance of cloud backup service providers.
As the bandwidth increases, the ability of the software to identify unique data and move it to the cloud becomes crucial.
Dramas enable enterprise backup offers to clear the last obstacle, providing a legitimate cloud-based data protection response to the company.

Fortunately, there are a number of backup services that can be found on a public cloud and the private backup server of the organization.
Many backup services double as cloud storage services, allowing you to store more files and share them freely between colleagues.

Quickly restore backups to the cloud-based Server ( or any Cloud Server that runs the backup agent ), and select specific files and folders to back up.
Deduplizing really maintains the potential to revolutionize the economy of cloud-based storage for backup and recovery.

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